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Menan City Clean up Day for City of Menan Residents 5/11/2024 from 8 am-5 pm!

May 6, 2024

City cleanup will be Saturday, the 11th of May! This clean up is for the residents within the city limits of Menan. This is due to the fact that the clean up is paid for from the funds collected from those within the city limits. We will have the dumpsters down at the City Maintenance property, as usual with people to help unload and distribute waste. We will have the standard accumulation area for scrap metal. This can be old appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators, and just ordinary scrap metal you want to get rid of. We have a contractor to come and pick it up for the cost of the metal, so we can do this without expense to the city. A few words of concern about clean-up day. It is getting harder and harder to justify as time goes on. Overloading the dumpsters, throwing waste on the ground at night after we have put the dumpsters away, and just a general uncaring are making it financially harder to do. Remember, we have cameras watching the property, and we will take the appropriate steps if the privilige is abused. Please be kind to this opportunity to dispose of things that are difficult to get rid of. It's a very small portion of the people that make it difficult for everyone else. Let's preserve this as an annual City Event. To reiterate once more. No tires, no chemicals