City Hall: (208) 754-8876

City Information

Menan, ID


Meeting Dates

City Council meets every second Thursday each month at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers.  If you would like to present to the Council, you must contact the City Clerk for consideration.  Requests must be made at a minimum of one week prior to meeting.

Planning and Zoning meet every first Thursday each month at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers.

Agendas are posted by Monday prior to meeting.  We value our residents and invite their participation in open meetings.



Fee Schedule (Passed on March 12, 2020)

Building Permit TBD by Building Inspector based upon approved valuation standards of International Code Council
Photo Copying $ 0.05 per page
Building Permit Application $25.00
Business License Fee $25.00
Public Hearing Fee $50.00 plus the costs of publication and mailing as required
Dog License Fees

$40.00 Lifetime License of dog-with micro chip as needed
$80.00 Fee for Unlicensed dog within City Limits

$20.00 Fee for Picking up dog at large in City Limits

$15.00 Per day fee for impound of unlicensed dog

Non-Commercial Kennel Fee $10.00 for 3 dogs ($1.00 each additional)

Beer & Wine License Fee

Liquor License Fee

Catering Permit Fee

$50.00 for Retail Packaged Sales
$200.00 for Consumption on Premises


$20.00 per day for permit

Sewer Connection Fee $5,250.00
Monthly Sewer Charge $40.00 per EDU (Equivalent Dwelling Unit)
Monthly Garbage Charge $11.00 per can
City Park Shelter Rental $15.00 per side

Community Hall Rental





No charge for resident non/reserved

Residents living within Menan City Limits

   -up to 4 hours $50.00

    -over 4 hours $75.00

General Public
     -up to 4 hours $100.00

     -over 4 hours $150.00

City Building Rental $25.00 for conference room