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  (A)          Required Information: The following information is required thirty-nine (39) days before the project can be reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission. Applications for review by the Design Review Committee shall submit any or all of the following information, as requested by the Planning Staff.
  (1)   The project name.
  (2)   The specific location of the project.
  (3)   Six (6) prints, prepared in a professional manner, showing at a minimum the following:
  a.   Vicinity map, to scale, showing the project location in relationship to neighboring buildings and the surrounding area.
  b.   Site plan, to scale, showing proposed parking, loading, and general circulation.
  c.   Detailed elevations of all sides of the proposed building and other exterior elements.
  d.   Sign plan.
  e.   Landscape plan.
  f.    Exterior Lighting plan, pursuant to Article VIIIB, of this Ordinance.
  g.   Floor plan.
  h.   Utilities plan.
  i.    Drainage plan. (These plans may be combined on the same sheets)
  (4)   Applicant name(s) and representative (if any).
  (5)   Other information as required by the Administrator or the Commission.
  (6)   Payment of fees (established by resolution).
  (B)           LIGHTING: Allowed methods of illumination are divided into several types as described below; all other forms of sign lighting, with the exception of neon lighting as regulated by this Ordinance, are prohibited. All lighted signs shall comply with lighting standards as set forth in Article VIIIB, of this Ordinance.
  (1)   Unlighted. A sign with neither an internal light nor an external source intended specifically for the purpose of lighting the sign.
  (2)   Internally Lighted.         A sign with an internal light intended to illuminate translucent portions of the sign.
  (3)   Externally Lighted. A sign with an external light source intended specifically to illuminate the sign. External light fixtures which produce glare shall not be permitted.
  (C)          SITE PLAN: A site plan drawn to scale of no less than one inch equals twenty (20) feet, specifying the following:
  (1)   Location,  type  and  height  of  the  proposed  PWSF  or  WCF,  support structures, security barrier and other components with setbacks;
  (2)   On-site structures, land uses and zoning;
  (3)   Circulation. Adjacent roadways, ingress and egress from such roadways, parking and pedestrian circulation and access;
  (4)   Fences, signs, exterior lighting pursuant to Article VIIIB of this Ordinance, and storm drainage;
  (5)   Property lines with dimensions, adjacent land uses, structures and zoning;
  (6)   Existing watercourses, utility lines, easements, deed restrictions and other built or natural features restricting the use of the subject property;
  (7)   A grading, fill and drainage plan for the site;
  (8)   North arrow, scale and legend, and topographic map of property prior to any proposed improvements, grading or fill with contours at two-foot intervals;
  (9)   Information demonstrating compliance with the standards of this Article;
  (10) The City, at its discretion, may waive any of the above site plan requirements for PWSFs or WCFs attached to existing structures.
  (D)          Facility Lighting and Signage Standards. Facility lighting shall be designed so as to meet but not exceed minimum requirements for security, safety and/or FAA regulations. Lighting of antennas or support structures shall be prohibited unless required by the FAA and no other alternatives are available. In all instances, the lighting shall be designed so as to avoid glare and minimize illumination on adjacent properties. No strobe or flashing lights shall be permitted unless no other lighting can meet FAA regulations and the applicant provides written confirmation from the FAA that the specific WCF under review cannot meet its regulations by the use of any other alternative other than such lighting. Lighting shall also comply with any applicable City lighting standards.
  Signs shall be limited to those needed to identify the telephone number(s) to contact in an emergency, public safety warnings, certifications or other required seals. These signs shall also comply with the requirements of the City's sign regulations. All facility lighting shall comply with the standards as set forth in Article VIIIB of this Ordinance.
  (E)           Parking Lot Lighting: Any parking area which is intended to be used during non-daylight hours shall be properly illuminated to avoid accidents. Any lights used to illuminate a parking lot shall be so arranged as to direct the light away from the adjoining property, and shall be of a type and method of construction to shield the light source from direct view from any adjacent property or right-of-way. All parking area lighting shall comply with the standards as set forth in Article VIIIB of this Ordinance.
  (F)           Contents of Application Form: The application form shall contain the following information and exhibits:
  (1)   Name, address and telephone number of applicant.
  (2)   Name, address and telephone number of registered surveyor and/or registered engineer assisting in the preparation of the Preliminary Development Plan.
  (3)   Legal description of the property.
  (4)   A vicinity map at a scale approved by the Administrator, showing property lines, streets, existing and proposed zoning and such other items as the Administrator may require showing the relationship of the PUD to the Comprehensive Plan.
  (5)   A Preliminary Development Plan at an appropriate scale showing location and type of proposed land uses; layout dimensions and names of existing and proposed streets, rights-of-way, utility easements, community open space, layout and dimensions of lots and building setback lines; preliminary improvement drawings showing water, sewer, drainage, electricity, telephone and natural gas and such other characteristics as the Administrator deems necessary.
  (6)   A drainage plan showing the location, size, and direction of all water courses and drainage flows, all drainage canals, and structures, the proposed method of disposing of runoff water, and the location and size of all drainage easements relating thereto, whether they are located within or outside of the proposed development.
  (7)   A landscaping plan showing the location and size of existing mature trees, and established shrub masses, and showing the location, size and type of proposed landscaping of the project.
  (8)   An exterior lighting plan as required by Article VIIIB of this Ordinance.
  (9)   A surveyed contour map of the existing topography of the property and a contour map of the proposed development with contour lines at a maximum interval of five (5) feet to show the existing and proposed configuration of the land together with the documentation upon which said contour maps were prepared.
  (10) A current title report together with a copy of the owner's recorded deed to said property. A copy of the applicant's option to purchase or unrecorded contract of sale for said property together with the written notarized consent of the owner(s) of record to said PUD shall be sufficient evidence of ownership to allow processing of said application. Withdrawal of consent of an owner of record shall be deemed withdrawal of the application.
  (11) Location of on-site parking spaces and access thereto, including the dimensions of the spaces and the width and length of access.
  (12) Proposed schedule for the development of the site.
  (13) Studies may be reasonably required prior to or during the review process by the Administrator, Commission or Council of the social, economic, fiscal or environmental effects of the proposed development.
  (14) Additional information as reasonably required at the discretion of the Commission, prior to or during the review process.
  (15) List of names and address of the owners of each parcel within three hundred (300) feet of the subject property.
  (16) A fee established in a separate resolution adopted by the City Council.
  9. All exterior lighting shall comply with the standards set forth in Article VIIIB of this Ordinance.
  (G)          Application for Conditional Use Permit.
  (1)   An application for a conditional use permit shall be made to the Planning and Zoning Commission by at least one (1) holder of any interest in the real property for which such conditional use is proposed.
  (2)   The application shall include at least the following information:
  a.   Name, address, and phone number of the applicant.
  b.   Proof of interest in the subject property.
  c.   Legal description of the subject property, including street address.
  d.   Description of existing use.
  e.   Zoning district of subject property.
  f.    Description of proposed conditional use.
  g.   A plan of the proposed site for the conditional use showing the location of all buildings, parking and loading areas, traffic access and traffic circulation, open spaces, easements, existing and proposed grade, energy efficiency considerations, landscaping, exterior lighting plan as required by Article VIIIB of this Ordinance, refuse and service areas, utilities, signs, property lines, north arrow, and rendering of building exteriors, where applicable.
  h.   A narrative statement evaluating the effects on adjoining property, the effect of such elements as noise, glare, odor, fumes, and vibration on adjoining property.
  i.    A narrative statement identifying surrounding land uses and discussing the general compatibility of the proposed use with adjacent and other properties in the district.
  j.    A narrative discussion of the relationship of the proposed use to the Comprehensive Plan.
  k.   A list of the names and addresses of all property owners and residents within three hundred (300) feet of the external boundaries of the land being considered.
  l.    Any other information as requested by the Administrator to determine if the proposed conditional use meets the intent and requirements of this Ordinance.
  m.  A fee established in a separate resolution approved by the City Council.