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  COMMERCIAL VEHICLES: As defined in Idaho Code ยง 49-123(c).
  GARBAGE: Any waste resulting from the preparation, cooking, consumption or handling of food or other edible substance, whether for human or animal consumption, including without limitation, waste from the handling, storage and sale of produce.
  JUNK: Any waste consisting of any mechanical appliance, vehicle, machinery, equipment or apparatus, or any parts therefrom, including without limitation, all non-functional appliances, automobiles, automobile parts, recreational vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, farming and construction equipment.  Antique vehicles or equipment used for decoration purposes shall not be considered junk.
  LITTER: Garbage, junk refuse, and weeds as defined therein.
  OCCUPANT: Any person or tenant having control, possession or charge over real property. Any person or tenant who occupies the whole or any part of a building or land whether alone or with others.
  OWNER: Any person having a fee ownership in real property, including any part owner, joint owner, or tenant in common.
  REFUSE: All waste of any kind or nature, including but not limited to, handbills, newspapers, paper, cartons, boxes, barrels, wood, brush, weeds, branches, yard trimmings, leaves, furniture, bedding, tin cans, metals, bottles, ashes, clinkers, automobile bodies and parts, appliances, broken glass, broken concrete, rock, crockery, mineral waste, street sweepings, industrial waste, sawdust, lumber scraps, shavings, animal carcasses, wire and plastics.
  WASTE: Any material having little or no value beyond its value for recycling purposes, or any material for which there is no practical use other than for recycling, and which if placed or deposited as prohibited in this chapter is markedly offensive or unsightly, or which creates an offensive odor or in unsanitary or unsafe, attracts insects or rodents, or in any way creates a public nuisance or health or safety hazard.
  WEEDS: Any plant, growing or dead, more than ten (10) inches in height, measured from the surface of the ground, except plants grown for ornamental purposes or for production of food for man or beast.  Noxious plants, regardless of height, shall be considered weeds.