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The rules of procedure and order of business, as prescribed in the succeeding rules of this section shall be followed by said Board of Trustees at all of their meetings, unless they shall temporarily suspend the same by a three-fourths (3/4) vote of all the members of said Board of Trustees, and on such vote, the yeas and nays shall be recorded on the minutes of said Board.
  RULE 1.  Any member desiring to have an ordinance, resolution, or order passed by the Board of Trustees, shall prepare the same in writing and introduce it at a meeting of said Board, as hereinafter provided.
  RULE 2.  The passage or adoption of any ordinance or By-law, and every resolution, or order to enter into a contract, by the Board of Trustees, the yeas and nays shall be recorded as hereinbefore provided and to pass or adopt any by-law, ordinance, or any resolution or order, a concurrence of the whole number of members, elected or appointed to the Board of Trustees, shall be required. All appointments to be made by said Board, shall be by Viva voce vote, and a concurrence of like majority as aforesaid, shall be required and the names of those for whom they voted, if the vote results in an appointment, shall be recorded.
  RULE 3.  All ordinances, resolutions, or orders for the appropriation or payment of money, shall require for their passage or adoption, a concurrence of three-fifths (3/5) of all members of said Board, elected or appointed thereto.  All ordinances of a general or permanent nature shall be fully and distinctly read on three different days, unless three-fourths (3/4) of the members vote to suspend this rule. Ordinances shall contain no subject, which shall not be clearly expressed in its title, and no ordinance, or section thereof, shall be revised, or amended, unless the old ordinance or amendment shall be repealed.
  RULE 4.  At all meetings of the Board, a majority of the Trustees shall constitute a quorum to transact business.  A smaller number may adjourn from day to day, and may compel the attendance of absent members, as by ordinance provided.
  RULE 5.  The City Clerk shall attend all regular and special meetings of the Board of Trustees, and record verbatim, all ordinances, resolutions, orders, etc., in the Journal of proceedings of said Board, at said meetings.  In his absence the chairman of the Board shall appoint from the members of the Board in attendance at such meetings a secretary Protempore who shall have the same rights, privileges, powers and duties as the clerk would have, should he be personally present. Said member of the Trustees, so appointed Secretary Pro Tempore, shall also retain his rights, powers and privileges as a member of said Board of Trustees, and be permitted to so vote upon all questions and motions arising before them.
  RULE 6.  At the hour herein provided for the meetings, the Board shall be called to order by the Chairman, or in his absence, by some member present, one of whom shall act as Chairman, Pro-Tempore, said Chairman, Pro-Tempore, to be nominated and elected by Viva Voca vote of the members present. The member present receiving the highest number of votes cast shall act as chairman Pro Tempore and shall have all the rights, power and privileges that the regularly elected Chairman would have, if present. The Clerk shall them proceed to call the roll, noting thereon those present, also the absentees, whereupon the Chairman shall announce whether or not a quorum is present.
  RULE 7.  If it shall appear from the roll call that a quorum is present, the Board shall proceed to transact business is accordance with the following order:
  1.   Roll call
  2.   Reading of the Minutes
  3.   Reading of petitions, memorials, remonstrances, and other communications.
  4.   Reports of Standing Committees
  5.   Reports of Special Committees
  6.   Unfinished Business, and allowance of Bills.
  7.   Introduction, and first reading of Bills for Ordinances
  8.   Second reading of ordinances, etc., consideration of, and amendments to bills for ordinance.
  9.   Third reading, and final vote on bills for ordinances.
  10. Motions, resolutions, and Miscellaneous Business.
  11. Reading, correcting, and approving the minutes of the meeting.
  RULE 8.  All questions to the priority of Business shall be settled by the Chairman without debate by the members of the Board.
  RULE 9.  All committees shall be appointed by the Chairman.