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Menan 4th of July Celebration

Thursday, July 4th, 11:00am

Theme: "Red, White, and YOU"

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Thank you for your interest in Menan’s 4th of July Parade. We appreciate all those who celebrate American independence in our little town (13,000 – 18,000 every year).

*NOTE: To help with the cost of dumpsters and the after-Parade-pick-up-party (think horses / wrappers), please consider a small contribution. You can include cash or a check made out to : City of Menan – Parade Donation, or speak with a member of the Parade Committee on the 4th.

To help streamline and organize the Parade, please provide the following information:

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*A $100 entry fee is mandatory for all commercial entries outside of zip code 83434. A $20 entry fee is mandatory for all commercial entries inside of zip code 83434. Fees are based on business address only.

Parade Participation Rules

  • Stop times must be limited to 30 seconds. Maintaining proper spacing is extremely important.
  • Drivers must be 18 years or older and all vehicles must have liability insurance.
  • Selling of any items during the parade or other activities is strictly prohibited. (This includes wards, scouts, etc. )
  • Please arrive at staging area no later than 30 minutes prior to parade start time.

Participants acknowledge by signing below that they are responsible for any injury or damage resulting from their activity in this event, and the City of Menan 4th of July Committee is not liable for any damages or injuries. Participants agree that any and all vehicles will have adequate liability insurance and a licensed driver at least 18 years old.