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After approval or conditional approval of the preliminary plat by City Council, the applicant may submit an application for final plat.
  (A)          Intent: The intent of this section is that final plats be applied for in timely fashion following action on preliminary plat applications and consistent with the situation under which preliminary plats are approved.
  (1)   When the subdivision has only one development phase, approval of the preliminary plat shall become null and void if application for final plat is not submitted within one year after the City Council approves the preliminary plat.
  (2)   When the preliminary plat application includes multiple development phases, approval of the preliminary plat shall become null and void if application for final plat of a succeeding phase is not submitted within two years of completed construction of infrastructure of the preceding phase.
  (3)   In any case, approval of a preliminary plat shall be subject to revision at five-year intervals if the City Council decides to do so.
  (B)           Method and Medium of Presentation (per Idaho Code § 50-13-4): Transparent tracings offered for recording shall show all information on the original Mylar or other reproducible plat drawing. Copies of the plat drawing for recording shall be reproduced in the form of blackline prints on a white background.
  (C)          Contents of Final Plat Application
  (1)   A completed application form for final plat.
  (2)   Documents containing all of the approved data from the preliminary plat.
  (3)   A final survey including (per Idaho Code §§ 50-1303, 50-1304, 50- 1331, 50-1332, 50-1333):
  a.   Boundaries of the tract fully balanced and closed, showing all bearings and distances determined by an accurate survey in the field, with dimensions expressed in feet and decimals.
  b.   Excepted parcels within the tract boundaries showing all bearings and distances, determined by an accurate survey in the field, with dimensions expressed in feet and decimals.
  c.   Location and description of cardinal points to  which all dimensions, angles, bearings, and similar data on the plat are referenced.
  d.   Lot boundaries.
  e.   As applicable: names, rights of way, courses, lengths, and widths of all public streets, alleys, pedestrian ways, and easements; radii, points of tangency, and central angles of all curvilinear streets and alleys; and radii of all rounded street line intersections.
  f.    Sanitary restriction as required in Idaho Code § 50-1326.
  (4)   Descriptive information including:
  a.   Drainage ways and other areas to be dedicated.
  b.   Easements and any limitations to easements. When necessary, unobstructed utility easements of at least eight (8) feet shall be provided along lot lines. Unobstructed drainage easements shall be provided as required by the Council.
  c.   Lots and blocks numbered in accordance with this code and the Idaho Code. Notable areas such as private parks and ponds shall be so designated, lettered or named, and their dimensions indicated.
  d.   Other information pertinent to recording.
  (5)   Dedication: A notarized statement of dedication of streets, alleys, drainage ways, pedestrian ways, and other rights of way for public use. This statement shall be signed by the person holding title of record and by any persons holding title as vendees under contract. If dedicated lands are mortgaged, the mortgage holder shall also sign the statement.
  (6)   Certifications:
  a.   Certification by the preparer stating on the plat map that the plat map is correct and accurate, and that the monuments included on it have been located and described.
  b.   Certification of plat by the City Engineer.
  c.   Certification of plat by the County Engineer (per Idaho Code § 50-1305).
  (D)          Action by the Planning and Zoning Commission:
  (1)   The administrator shall place the final plat application on the Planning and Zoning Commission agenda within 30 days after receipt.
  (2)   The Planning and Zoning Commission shall consult with the city engineer, the city attorney, and any other agency or department in order to finalize the development agreement. 
  (3)   A copy of the final development agreement shall be provided to the developer at least ten days prior to the date when the final plat is referred by the Planning and Zoning Commission to City Council.
  (4)   Within 30 days after its initial discussion, the Planning and Zoning Commission shall recommend approval, conditional approval, or denial of the application.
  (E)           Action by the City Council:
  (1)   The City Council shall include discussion of the recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission on its agenda not later than its next regular meeting after the meeting at which it receives the recommendation. Within 30 days after its initial discussion, City Council shall approve, conditionally approve, or deny the application.
  (2)   As a condition precedent to approval, the City Council shall require the developer to sign the development agreement.
  (F)           Time limits: Time limits for administrative action may be extended by mutual consent between the applicant and the relevant governmental instrumentality.
  (G)          Recording: The final plat shall be submitted to the county recorder for recording within one year after approval by the City Council. Otherwise approval of the final plat and the development agreement shall become null and void. A plat submitted for recording by any person other than a representative of the city shall not be recognized as binding on the city.