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  (A)          Review by Departments and Agencies: Within ten days of receipt, the City Clerk shall transmit copies of an application to concerned departments and agencies for their review. The City Clerk shall notify the Planning and Zoning Commission which departments and agencies are queried, and shall place replies in the applicant's file. Failure to reply in writing within 15 days implies acceptance by a given department or agency. Concerned departments and agencies may include such as city departments (e.g., streets, water, sewer, engineer), Eastern Idaho Public Health District, school district, State Highway Department and/or Jefferson County Roads, utility companies, Soil Conservation Service, emergency services, and irrigation districts.
  (B)           Public Hearing: As part of the preliminary plat process, the Planning and Zoning Commission shall hold at least one public hearing in compliance with the notice and hearing requirements of Idaho Code 67-6509 and 67-6511. These statutes require notification by mail of owners of land within 300 feet of the land being considered, or by publication in the newspaper in case of 200 or more such owners. In addition to notice required in IC 67-6509 and 67-6511, owners of lands that abut the proposed subdivision or are separated from it only by a public right of way shall be notified by mail regardless of the number of landowners.
  (C)          Schedules for Action: Governmental instrumentalities shall act on applications according to schedules located in relevant sections of this code. Where a fee is required, the schedule for administrative action begins only after the fee and the complete application is receipted. If the instrumentality considering an application determines that the application is not complete, the schedule for administrative action begins only after required items are received.
  (D)          Final Action: Approval, conditional approval, or denial of an application shall be in writing and based on criteria set forth in the Menan Code and/or comprehensive plan, and/or in other pertinent documents or statutes. The writing shall specify:
  (1)   The ordinance(s) and standards used in evaluating the application;
  (2)   The reasons for approval or denial; and
  (3)   The actions, if any, that the applicant could take to obtain approval.