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  (A)          DUTIES:
  (1)   The City Clerk shall be the keeper of the City Seal, and shall affix it to all instruments and papers, which by law or Ordinance are required to be attested by the seal of the City. 
  (2)   He shall have the custody of and shall safely keep all public records, documents, ordinances, and orders of the Board of Trustees, and such other papers and documents, in which the City is interested, as may be delivered into his custody for safe keeping.
  (3)   It shall be the duty of the City Clerk to attend all meetings of the Board of Trustees, keep the minutes of all of its proceedings, and record same in a book to be provided by the Board for that purpose, said book to be kept in his office.  He shall countersign all warrants on the treasurer, and deliver same when called for by proper parties.  He shall draw and countersign all warrants on the treasurer for compensation of all officers upon their request, provided that he shall not draw and countersign any such warrant for any party unless the same has been passed and approved by the Board of Trustees, and is shown that the same is clearly due and owing to such officer or party.
  (4)   He shall do and perform such other duties, as may from time to time be enjoined upon him by Ordinance or Resolution of the Board.
  (5)   He shall also, at the close of each Fiscal year, and oftener, if required by the Board, make out and lay before them, a full and complete statement of all receipts and expenditures, and all the fiscal affairs of the City, during such year, or any part thereof, as may be required by the Board, and cause the same to be published in some newspaper published in the City of Menan, or if no paper is published in the City, then, in some paper having a general circulation therein; or by posting same in some conspicuous place within the City limits.
  (6)   The City Clerk shall be ex-officio, Collector of the City, and shall in such capacity, receive all moneys due the City from any source whatever, and shall issue proper receipts therefore to the officers or persons entitled thereto.  He shall on the first Monday of each month, deliver to the City Treasurer, any and all sums of money received by him as such collector, during the previous month, together with a statement of the different accounts upon which the several sums were received, and shall take the Treasurer's receipt for the gross amount so deposited with him.
  (7)   Upon demand, and payment of such fees as County Recorders of this state, are entitled to and might receive for similar services, the City Clerk shall furnish to every person applying therefore a copy of any records, paper or documents of any kind, which copy shall be certified under his hand and the seal of his office.  All such fees shall be duly accounted, as are other moneys received from other sources and paid to the treasurer in the same manner.
  (8)   The City Clerk shall draw all warrants on the City Treasurer, that shall be ordered by the City Board, and such other warrants for compensation of officers of the City or for other persons or purposes as may be now or hereafter provided for by ordinance of the City of Menan.
  (9)   The Clerk shall purchase all account books, stationary, receipt books, blanks, etc., that shall be necessary for the use of the City, or any of its officers, whenever they may be ordered by the Board of Trustees.
  (10) The City Clerk shall be ex-officio, City Auditor, and as such Auditor, shall be the general accountant of the City of Menan; and as such, shall be constantly acquainted with the condition of the City Treasury, and each demand thereon, and shall furnish to the Board of Trustees, any desired information as to the condition of any fund of said treasury, whenever requested to do so by said Board or any committee thereof.
  (11) The City Clerk or such Auditor, shall keep, according to some established and modern system of bookkeeping, all accounts between said City and its officers or other persons or corporations, and shall keep an official record of all demands on the treasury allowed by the Board of Trustees, showing the number, sate, amount, name of claimant, on what account allowed, and out of what fund payable.