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The short application may be used when the subdivision meets conditions specified in this section. The regular application shall be used when the subdivision consists of more than four tracts or otherwise does not meet conditions in this section.
  (A)          Short Application Described: The short application allows for subdivision using metes and bounds descriptions and without the final plat phase.
  (1)   The subdivision has four or fewer tracts.
  (2)   No new street dedication or street widening is involved.
  (3)   Board review is not required as part of design review.
  (4)   The  subdivision is not part of a larger tract that may be further subdivided.
  (5)   No special considerations are involved such as flood plain, hillside, environmental concern, or historical concern.
  (6)   Approval of the subdivision is consistent with the intent of this title, the Comprehensive Plan, TITLE 7 of this code (Zoning Regulations), and other applicable regulations.
  (7)   Public interests are preserved, including offset improvements such as curb and gutter or paths, sidewalk and street surfacing.
  (B)           Application Contents: The application shall include the short form for subdivision, satisfy relevant requirements from the list in section 10-4-2 (General Requirements), and include a draft development agreement.
  (C)          Processing a Short Application:
  (1)   Criteria for Consideration: Criteria for considering a short application include those listed in the description above in subsection 8-2-4(A) and others relevant to the situation, such as impact in the immediate locale or concerns of city departments or agencies.
  (2)   Action by the Planning and Zoning Commission: After review by departments and agencies, the administrator shall place the application on the agenda of the next regular meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Within 21 days following such meeting, the Planning and Zoning Commission shall act to recommend approval, conditional approval, or denial of the application.
  (3)   Action by City Council: After receiving the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission, the City Council shall, within 21 days, approve, conditionally approve, or deny the application.
  (4)   Time limits for administrative action may be extended by mutual consent between the applicant and the relevant governmental instrumentality.