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  (A)          Purpose: The Agricultural Residential District is to accommodate the transition from rural to low-density residential uses in Menan's impact area. 
  (B)           Permitted Uses. The following uses are permitted in the Agricultural Residential District:
  (1)   General farming, forestry, ranching and other agricultural activities and structures, but not including the operation of commercial feed lots.
  (2)   Single family home.
  (3)   Multi-sectional  manufactured  home  on  an  excavated  and  backfilled foundation which is enclosed at perimeter.
  (4)   Schools, churches, and public parks.
  (5)   Golf courses.
  (6)   Community and public buildings.
  (7)   Accessory farm buildings directly related to agricultural uses.
  (8)   Private garages, carports, and storage sheds for storage of vehicles and personal items owned by residents of household.
  (9)   Seasonal commercial stands for sale of agricultural products.
  (10) Accessory  satellite  receiver  dishes,  solar  collectors,  and  antennas  for personal use.
  (11) Family home day care and day care centers.
  (12) Home occupations in accordance with subsection 7-3-7(F).
  (C)          Conditional Uses: After review and approval under the procedures and standards in this Ordinance, the following uses may be permitted as conditional use in the Traditional Residential District:
  (1)   Public utility and maintenance yards, substations, and storage yards.
  (2)   Communication stations and towers.
  (3)   Grain elevators, storage bins, and feed mills.
  (4)   Extraction of sand, gravel, and other minerals.
  (5)   Animal hospitals, dog kennels, or veterinary clinics.
  (D)          Prohibited Uses: Uses not specified above are prohibited unless the City Council, after recommendation of the Planning Commission, determines that a use is similar to a use listed above.
  (E)           Lot Area: The minimum lot area requirement for single family residences is five (5) acres. There shall be no minimum lot areas for other uses permitted.
  (F)           Building Height: The height of any building shall not exceed thirty-five feet (35').
  (G)          Setbacks: The following are minimum setbacks in the Agricultural Residential District:
  (1)   Front: The front building line shall not be closer than eighty feet (80') feet to centerline of street.
  (2)   Rear: The rear building line of the main building shall not be closer than fifty feet (50') from the rear property line.
  (3)   Side: For dwellings the side building line shall not be closer than twenty-five feet (25') to the interior side property line. For other structures, the side building line shall not be closer than thirty-five feet (35') to interior side property lines.
  (H)          Lot Coverage: Main and accessory buildings shall not cover more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the lot area.
  (I)            Screening: Where a non-residential use adjoins a residential use, there shall be provided along the abutting property line a landscaped buffer which is at least fifteen feet (15') in width. The landscaped buffer shall include a berm and trees planted at forty foot (40') intervals with an understory of shrubs unless the trees are evergreen. The developer of the non-residential use shall provide and maintain the buffer.
  When a public street is located between the front lot line of a non-residential use and residential lands, a landscaped buffer at least seven feet (7') wide shall be constructed and maintained by the owner of the non-residential use on the front lot line. Within the buffer shall be a two foot high berm, evergreen shrubs, and trees. No more than thirty percent (30%) of the frontage shall be dedicated to driveways. The berming and landscaping shall be planned and maintained to be less than three feet in height within fifteen feet (15') of a driveway.