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Gas Up Early - People exiting en masse will need gas after the Eclipse. Get yours early or enjoy staying home.

Parking in Right of Way - Visitors are allowed to park on county and city right of ways as long as they are completely off the pavement, at least 30 feet from intersections, and do not block driveway access. 

Burn Ban - There is a temporary regional burn ban in effect from August 14 - 26. Open fires and agricultural burns are not allowed. Fires in designated fire pits will be allowed. 

AM / FM Radio - Emergency Broadcast System will broadcast information in case of widespread emergency.

Law Enforcement Command Center - There will be a temporary Jefferson County Sheriff Command Center positioned near the Menan Buttes at the Deer Parks Road from August 19 - August 21.

ITD Roadside Patrol - ITD (Idaho Transportation Department) will be patrolling roads during the weekend to assist travelers with non-emergency roadside problems. 

Ambulance in Rigby - There will be an ambulance stationed in Rigby on August 20 - 21.

Road Closures - All major roads will operate as designed (no special closures or rerouting of southbound I-15 traffic).

Cell Service Interruptions - Due to heavy usage, cell service may not be reliable. 911 calls will have priority, but normal calls may be interrupted or unavailable.